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17 April 2014
14 February 2014
17 May 2013


With pleasure, we want you to tell about a new direction of our company. Using new technologies of lazer equipment for cutting and engraving of different materials, we offer you creative solutions for your tasks.

На сегодняшний день - это единственная технология, позволяющая добиться идеального среза. Сфокусированный луч лазера регулируемой мощности обеспечивает точный и гладкий рез для широкого спектра листового материала.

Nowadays it is the unique technology, allowing to obtain an ideal cut. The focused ray of laser with the settled power is provided exact and smooth cut for the wide spectrum of sheet material.

Advantages of lazer cutting:

  • Ideal sharpness of model reproducing from the computer program.

  • Absence of the mechanical affecting on material, as a result possibility of cutting out from the most fragile and tender materials.

  • Creation of model of any complicated level.

  • Fast execution

  • Making the small and large drawings.

At your disposal lazer equipment which will help you in realization of projects for:

• advertising projects (stencils, templates, signboards, letters)

• creations of tablets and pointers

• productions of souvenirs

• implementations of exclusive reward products

Lazer engraving

To do engraving by a lazer - unique, that will convert any souvenir into an effective advertising device which simultaneously tells about your company to the target audiences, produces a positive image and promotes a company image; such advertising need not so much money, and works very long. Causing of inscriptions and any pictures by a lazer can be made on all types of souvenir products, made from different materials - it can be keychains, checks, various table accessories and etc.

What do we need from you for realization of project

You give us the draft of your idea in the vectorial program. Ideal programm for this purpose is Coreldraw. We adapt your file under the settings of our machines. If you do not have possibility independently to create a draft, it is important, that you have a planning picture .

We guarantee

Individual approach for every order.

• High quality of treatment and maximally effective use of material.

• Minimum terms of project realization.