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17 April 2014
14 February 2014
17 May 2013

Termoizol (pipes)


Heat insulation for pipes made of foam polyethylene Termoizol® (made in Ukraine)

Трубная изоляция «Termoizol®» Pipe isolation of «Termoizol®» with closed cellular structure match perfect heat- and sound insulation of the indoors engineerings systems. Material of products is stable for the aggressive environments, possesses enhanceable durability, moisture resistance and longevity. Flexible heat-insulation tubes are simple in editing, reduce thermal losses effectively and structural noises, protect the surface of equipment from condensate and corrosion, hinder freezing of heat carrier during the set time.Экологически чистый материал, безопасен при работе, не требует средств персональной защиты.

This is ecologically clean material, safe during work, does not require facilities of the personal defence. Flexibility of product and technological incision on all length of tube makes editing simple and comfortable. At application indoors there is no need to use steam insulation and integumentary layers.