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17 April 2014
14 February 2014
17 May 2013

Termoizol (rolls)





Rolls made of foam PE Termoizol can be different types:

Rolls "Termoizl" with foil - covered with Al foil. Termoizol (rolls)

protects insulation from UV radiation, from brief influence of high temperatures (sparks, steam). Characteristics of insulation increase its pissibilities due to the reflection of radiant energy.The foil increases resistance of penetration of aquatic steams (it is important for protecting from a condensate). Used for warming and sound-proofing of ceilings, floors and walls of buildings. Thermo-insulation of pipelines. Insulant for conditioners, airways and refrigeration settings.

Heat-reflecting screen with foil for radiators, the central heater, it fully insolates walls from heating, that contributes to the decline of heat wastes and promotes effectiveness of work of the heating system on 20%. The temperature rises on 2-3 C degrees indoors. Heat-flashing of roofs. Can be used as isolator under heat-insulated floor only with polyethylene film (for protection foil from oxidization in the aggressive environment of cement-sandy solutions.

[#pic1#] Rolls made of foam PE "Termoizl" Laminated - it is covered with metallized foil tape (polyethylene of 12mkm + PET 12mkm with metallic evaporation). It is more economical variant of rolls covered with foil. Such material is not protected from an UV radiation (used indors) and brief influence of high temperatures, but can be used as isolation under heat-insulated floor without the additional protection from influence of aggressive environment of cement-sandy solutions.

Rolls made of foam PE "Termoizl" Laminated with marking under heat-insulated floor - it is covered with metallized foil tape with pattern 1010sm (polyethylene 20mkm + PET 20mkm)

[#pic2#] with metallized foil evaporation and pattern #).It is developed specially for heating of floors, it is laid independently under heatings pipes or cable as reflecting heat-insulation. there is a pattern of 1010sm, which facilitates piling of pipes or cable. Application of isolation is effective in a construction "heat-flashing floor" for the increase of efficiency of heating, it allows: to reduce power inputs, to shorten time of heating of the system, send thermal energy in necessary direction.

Rolls made of foam PE"Termoizl" with glue - , . it is covered with a high-quality glue layer for comfort editing on airways, pipelines or other surfaces. Outline of scope is the same as for other insulation inflicted.

Covered with foil Laminated.


Rolls made of foam PE- the ordinary foamed polyethylene (without coverages). First of all foam polyethylene is a protective transport package. Here it is used as overwrapped material so liner, competing with ordinary tape, corrugated fibreboard and air-bubble tape. The foam polyethylene extinguishes the frequent loads easily, not be destroying itself.

The wide rage of thicknesses from 0,5 to 20 mm allows to choose optimal thickness of packing, coming from the individual features of products, and also terms of storage and transporting


Rolls FPE from 2 to 4 mm are used as base under laminated floors for sound-, flashing, heat-insulation, for hiding the surface imperfection between clean floor and laminated floor. This material is used in different directions of building and light industry.

Technical Characteristics foamed polyethylene Termoizol

Heat reflection coefficient (%)90*
Temperature application, Cfrom -60 till +100
Heat-transference resistance R0, m2.?C/ 1,14-1,36
Surface optical resistance coefficient, not less (%)97*
Dynamic modulus of elasticity units, ()0,26-0,39
- under weight 2 P 0,26-0,39
- under weight 5 P0,72-0,77
Relative compression units (P)0,03-0,09
- under weight 2 P0,03-0,09
- under weight 5 P0,12-0,20
Heat-transference Coefficient l, with 20., not more Vt/(m.):0,037-0,038
- in dry condition 0,037-0,038
- in exploitation conditions 0,037-0,038
- in exploitation conditions 0,037-0,038
Sound Absorption, (())32*
Acoustic absorptivity in frequency range 250-6300 Hz11% 78%
Lowering indexes of the noise range (100-3150Hz):22-25 dB
Layer PE 5 mm 22-25 dB
Layer PE 8 mm 24-27 dB
Layer PE 10 mm 25-28 dB
Specific heat capacity, 01,95
Vapour permeability m, not more (mg/..P)0,001
Heat Adoption Coefficient (24 hours) s, (Vt/m2.)0,45-0,51
Relative residual compression deformationfor 25%-not more than 7,5%
for 50% - not more than 15%

According to the thickness foam polyethylene Termoizol can replace:

Material Needed Thickness
Termoizol2 45 8 10 15
Wood8 16 20 32 40 60
Foamed polystyrene13 26 33 53 66 99
Mineral wool20 38 48 77 96 144
Mineral wool slab22 44 55 88 110 165
Lime Sand Brick50 100 125 200 250 375
Clay Brick42 84 105 168 210 316
Claydite-concrete26 53 66 105 132 197

Comparative characteristics of Termoizol foiled from the both sides (4mm) arranged with two air layers (1.5 sm from both sides) and other kinds of heat insulations materials, which provide heat-transference resistance. R = 1,2 ? . /Vt, t = 400 (tH = -200, tB = +200C):

Material Needed thickness
Termoizol folied from both sides4
Clay brick672 (2,5 bricks)
Lime sand Brick840 (3,5 bricks)
Mineral wool67
Mineral wool slab77
Foamed Polystyrene46


For the foamed polyethylene usage while pipe and air duct insulation.

Foiled foamed polyethylene is the universal insulator with the heat transference coefficient 0,031 /. It has effective acoustic absorptivity (up to 68%, it depends on the thickness).

  • Because of the closed porous structure and foil layer, water absorption is absent.

  • The material does not rot, mould, it is chemically stable.

  • It does not need additional insulation (glassine, ruberoid, and so on)

  • Sanitarily safe

  • It does not decrease the area thanks to the small thickness.

  • With the thickness 4 mm, the foiled insulation of foam polyethylene can replace: Brick - 10sm, clayite - 4mm, concrete - 25sm.

  • The material durability 80-90 years without any characteristics loss.

  • Temperature application -60 to + 90?.

The demounting of the foil foamed polyethylene on the pipes or air duct is made by the coiling of the layer or in joint; it depends on the pipe diameter and also on the conditions of the fastener. The coiling of the layer is made by the foil out.

The conditions of the fasteners

The layer is glued to the wood, metal, ceramics by the glue based on the rubber, which is modified by the phenol resin. (for example, glue 88)

While coaling the layer on the pipe, the layer can be fixed by the foiled adhesive tape or broad tape in the places of joint.

In case of overlapping coaling, it can be placed by the adhesive foiled tape, elastic wire, thin steel tape in the places of overlapping, in case of creating the rings out of fastener, which is placed in 1 meter one from another.

The locations of the rings of the fastener should be regulated depends on the diameter of the insulated pipe or air duct.

Logotype  Termoizol
Sheet Termoizol covered with a foil
Laminated sheet by a metal. film from two sides.
Sheet Termoizol are supplied in rolls
Isolation with a marking under a heat-insulated floor
Isolation Termoizol