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17 April 2014
14 February 2014
17 May 2013

Sound-proofing or sealing strip


Sound-proofing or sealing strip for metal section.


For sound- and vibro isolations of metallic frameworks of partitions, facings panels and ceilings;

For the hardening of connections of sandwich panel, removal of cold bridges and providing of vapor sealing of joints;

For dense connection of metallic types of frameworks of revetment, and partitions of build constructions in the places of adjoining;

In order to compensate the surface imperfection in the places of their adjoining;

For the considerable improvement of sound-proof properties of gypsum partitions in the places of connection with a floor, wall and ceiling.


To pick up the strip of necessary width, which will match the profile 30, 50, 70, 90 mm. or other;

Before editing the treated surfaces must be carefully cleaned from a dust and dirt. The best of all is to cover them with the means against a dust. The surface of the absorbed kind needs to be grounded. Gluing a strip is better at an ambient temperature not less than +10С°;

To prepare necessary length of strip;

After taking off the protective film to inflict a strip on a metallic profile or other surface;

At gluing on a strip it can not be drawn out, deformed or bent;

Angular and longitudinal connections are executed edge-to-edge. The segments of material must be densely pressed against each other.

Technical Characteristics