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17 April 2014
14 February 2014
17 May 2013

Tapes for mounting


Mounting tapes:

Al foil tape is used for for sticking and encapsulating of joints of foil consisted materials.


· for encapsulating and protection of joints of airways

· for providing of waterproofing and vapor-protection

· for mounting of screen insulation and materials covered with foil.

for protection of joints and connections from dust

· at mounting of tube insulation and airways.

· for protection of materials from UV-rays

· decoration.


Duct Tape is used for for sticking and encapsulating of joints of sheet materials and tube insulation. It is sticky one-side silver tape on fabric base (duct tape), it has high moisture resistance and high sticky rates even at minus temperatures. This tape base consists of polyethylene of high pressure (LDPE), reinforced by polyethylene fibres. Glueing structure is produced from high-quality artificial rubber.


· repair of hoses and pipelines

· repair of tarpaulin coverages

· sealing up of boxes ans sacks

· strengthening of screening and insulating materials

· fixing protection of cardboard and carpet floorings with polyethylene coverage

· pressurizing of the field weld, joints of pipes

· binding of different materials

· corrosion protection of frameworks

· for decorating works and design