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17 April 2014
14 February 2014
17 May 2013

Damping tapes Termoizol


Damping tape, edge tape or compensative tape


It fills the dilatometric or compensative (temperature) joints of all types of constructions of industrial floors, floors with heating;

Sound-isolation and transmission of vibration from a floor to the wall;

Fillings that remains long time resilient and serves for indemnification of floor tensions which appear at the change of temperature of floor and its temperature expansion or clench.

As heat-insulation between the wall and the floor (especially relevant for the floor with heating). For prevention of floor decrepitation during its desiccation and set of durability.


A damping tape is set along walls on all perimeter of room, with incisions upwards, with tape downward and toward the floor. Similarly way it is set around colomns. At a large room square additional compensative joints are provided.

A damping tape must come forward for the borders of floor level (height) which is assembled. Prominent part is cut away after the complete piling of floor, and in the case of the use of the tile - after rubbing out the joints. After completion of editing of clean floor surplus of tape is turned off easily alongside the turned off incision. The visible part of tape is closed by a plinth.