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17 April 2014
14 February 2014
17 May 2013

Tapes "Termoizol"

We have different kinds of tapes Termoizol®:

Sound-proofing or sealing strips Termoizol® - selfsticking sound-proofing strips which is destined for usage in gypsum ventilation and other systems for reducing any vibration.

Damping tapesTermoizol® - damping tape is used in heat-insulated floors for indemnifications of temperature expansions. It takes place between the construction of "heat-insulated floors" and walls of building. It prevents bursting of screed coat in the period of desiccation and further exploitation of floor and executes the functions of heat.

Tapes for mounting Termoizol® - Duck tape (grey) and АL+PET (foil) is used for sizing and pressurizing of joints of sheet materials and isolation for pipes.

Tapes "Termoizol" Tapes "Termoizol" Tapes "Termoizol"