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17 April 2014
14 February 2014
17 May 2013

Rubber "Termoizol"


Rubber "Termoizol" is flexible rubber isolation with close cellular structure, covered with a foil, it has the form of rolls for the isolation of large-dimension pipes, reservoirs and etc. Due to foil coverage the isolation is protected from physical influence, from UV-rays, and also has high resistance to the influence of water steams. Rubber of "Termoizol" with self-adhesive layer has self-adhesive tape, that considerably reduces the time of editing .

Heat-insulation is a special application for the ventilation systems. Application of this type isolation fully prevents the appearing of steam condensate, it also reduces warm losts. The level of noise decline in air-ways in the frequency band 100-1200 Hz for the material with thickness 15mm makes 28 dB.Heat-insulation rubber "Termoizol" is installing outside of air ductings. Rubber "Termoizol" is high-quality heat-insulation material from the foam synthetic rubber with the closed porous structure. High quality, wide spectrum of application, excellent technical descriptions make rubber "Termoizol" the best variant at choosing the heat-insulation.

Range of application:

  • freezing andrefrigeratory systems

  • systems of ventilation and conditioning

  • cold and hot water and heating systems


  • µ > 7000

  • Temperature range: -40 до +105 °C

  • Sound insulation

Density: 45 - 100 kg/m