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17 April 2014
14 February 2014
17 May 2013


TERMOIZOL-K company produces and sells such products:

Rolls made of foam PE insulation made of foam polyethylene covered with foil and glue.

Rolls made of XLPE insulation made of сross-linked polyethylene.

Rolls Rubber "Termoizol" insulation made of foam rubber and covered with foil and glue

Tube insulation (foam polyethylene)pipe insulation made of foam polyethylene.

Souvenirs and service of lazer cutting and engraving Termoizol®

Tapes Termoizol® sound-proofing or sealing strip for gypsum systems, damping and tapes for mounting.

Tourist mats Termoizol® mats for camping, sport, yaga or doing fitness.