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17 April 2014
14 February 2014
17 May 2013


Pipe insulation: Tubex standart (Czech Republic) - Price-list, Tubex AL (Czech Republic) - Price-list, Termoizol (Ukraine) - Price-list

The description of the insulated tubes TUBEX

Characteristics of TUBEX:

  • High thermal insulation performance.

  • Ease of installation, removal and reuse.

  • Lightweight, elasticity and pliability.

  • Ease of insulation of curved sections.

  • Ease of knife-cutting without friability.

  • Non-absorbing properties.

  • Chemical resistance.

  • Ability to protect pipes from water vapour condensation and corrosion.

  • Sound deadening ability.

  • Good sealability of the tubing by suitable adhesives.

We produce modern foam polyethylene material for perfect thermal insulation of pipework carrying both hot or cold water and other media in residential, industrial or agricultural buildings.

Open box with isolation TUBEX
TUBEX is packed into cardboard boxes
Isolated pipes TUBEX
ТUBEX samples