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17 April 2014
14 February 2014
17 May 2013

Water supply and heating

In the field of water supply we offer unique system Hep2O for water supply and heating by trade markHEPWORTH

There are some special features of this system:

  • editing without instruments,there is no need of usage an additional equipment such as soldering irons and etc.;

  • properties of constructor, fully demountable system with the repeated usage;

  • possibility of editing without a specialist, the system is very simple as in editing so in dismantling;

  • flexibility of connections, pipe in fitting freely turns on 380 degrees that fundamentally facilitates editing in hard accessible places;

  • working life is quite long - 50 years of usage;

  • fittings of Hep2o match fully with the copper pipe (correspond the diameter of copper pipes) that allows to connect the system with copper pipes without screw-thread;

  • high positive descriptions of properties of Polybutyene, the material from which pipes and fittings of the system Hep2o are made.

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