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17 April 2014
14 February 2014
17 May 2013


In this section we place the prices for our goods.

tubex_protekt__04.01.17.xls tubex_protekt__04.01.17.xls (190 KB)
kilimki_ta_siduski_turisticni_24.04.15.xls kilimki_ta_siduski_turisticni_24.04.15.xls (8.7 MB)
nmc_climaflex_10.01.14.xls nmc_climaflex_10.01.14.xls (1.2 MB)
polotno_ppe_termoizol_20.02.18.xls polotno_ppe_termoizol_20.02.18.xls (571.5 KB)
polotno_xlpe__him_pina__20.02.18.xls polotno_xlpe__him_pina__20.02.18.xls (853 KB)
kaucuk_nmc_nt_grn.10.01.14.xls kaucuk_nmc_nt_grn.10.01.14.xls (493.5 KB)
tubex_standart_23.03.18.xls tubex_standart_23.03.18.xls (135 KB)

Isolation for pipes (from foam polyethylene) TUBEX.

tubex_al.xls tubex_al.xls (125 KB)

Isolation for pipes covered with a foil (from foam polyethylene) TUBEX AL.

hepworth.xls hepworth.xls (2.9 MB)

System of cold, hot water supply and heating. (Installation without tools).

kaucuk_nmc_grn._10.01.14.xls kaucuk_nmc_grn._10.01.14.xls (292 KB)

NMC Insule-tube Isolation on the basis of the foam rubber.

penobetonn_e_bloki_21.05.13.xls penobetonn_e_bloki_21.05.13.xls (79 KB)

Foamconcrete in density 600 kg/m3 are recommended to be applied to a laying of bearing external and internal walls and partitions of buildings in height to 3 floors, but no more than 12 meters.

izolacia_dla_trub_termoizol_20.01.16.xls izolacia_dla_trub_termoizol_20.01.16.xls (93.5 KB)

Isolation for pipes in diameter from 12 to 114 mm from Foam polyethylene (not expensive isolation manufacture Ukraine).

spur_petex_ukr_nahl.1.pdf spur_petex_ukr_nahl.1.pdf (526.2 KB)

Rugs for protection of a floor covering (a laminate, a parquet) under office armchairs.

setka_rabica.xls setka_rabica.xls (83.5 KB)

Net - Rabitsa a full price. A net for protections, reinforcings, strengthenings grounds, open-air cages for animals.

izolacia_dla_kanaliz_trub_i_zgut_22.02.11.xls izolacia_dla_kanaliz_trub_i_zgut_22.02.11.xls (83.5 KB)

Isolation for sewer from 52 to 162 diameters + a plait for filling of seams of apertures of windows, doors and cracks in panel building. Made in Ukraine.